Why Your Website Visitors Are Just Like Delightful Puppies

Chris McAlonan

Published: 26th August 2019

Why Your Website Visitors Are Just Like Delightful Puppies Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

Your dog is like a family member. We speak to them, play with them, and clean up after them. And sometimes, we get so attached to these bundles of fluff that it can be easy to forget they are not human. However, just because we speak different languages, eat different food, and have different ideas of fun (rolling around in the dirt isn’t my idea of a good time!), doesn’t mean we aren’t similar in many ways. You would be surprised just how alike your website visitors and puppies are.

Website visitors rely on their instincts

website visitor instincts user experience web design belfast

Humans are an inquisitive bunch, and just like dogs when they see something intriguing they want to have a look/run like mad to try and catch a squirrel. As website visitors, even the most novice of users have developed a set of instincts that come naturally to them when using your service. ‘Swiping’, ‘tapping’, and ‘pinching’ on mobile devices would have seemed alien to most users a decade ago. Nowadays it’s become so natural that we perform these actions without really thinking about it.

Train Your Website Visitors

Get Them To Do What You Want

Every website has a purpose, it’s there for a reason. As a business owner, you may know what you want your website to do, but do your website visitors?

Learn How To Guide Your Visitors
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It’s these basic instincts which also apply to your website. Users who are looking for pictures of your team members will head to the “about us” page. If they’re looking for some details on how to get in touch with your company, they’ll head to the “contact us” page. If they’re looking for some information on your products, they’ll head to the “shop” page. Making sure your website follows these instincts will help provide a better user experience and will encourage return visitors. 

They want to have fun

dog having fun belfast website visitors are just like puppies

Dogs always find a way to have fun. Even during the dreaded bath time, the ‘zoomies’ afterwards make everything all better. As humans, we wake up every day for work, spend the day working hard to earn money to buy new chew toys and then come home to relax at the end of a busy day. We want enjoyment during our evenings after work, not to visit a website and have a boring experience. 

Your website should be enjoyable to visit. It should contain engaging and helpful content, and leave the user feeling like they want to come back for more. Including your personality on your website through vibrant images and insightful videos will make your users excited about your brand. 

Website visitors are impatient

website visitors impatient user experience design belfast

When your dog is hungry, he’ll let you know. When he needs to go outside to ‘water’ the grass and have a dander, he’ll let you know. Your website visitors are exactly the same, except they probably won’t come to your garden and ‘water’ the flowers for you…

When a user arrives on your website, they don’t want to have to wait for images and videos to load, they want it instantly. Your website content should be optimised in a way to ensure the site is lightning fast.

They’re easily distracted

website visitors easily distracted web design belfast

If you don’t have your dog’s utmost attention, unfortunately, they’ll wander off and do their own thing. The same can be said for your website users, you need to guide them through your website. You need to give them easy to understand visual cues on what you want them to do. You don’t want them veering off course and landing on a page they’re not far enough down your funnel to visit just yet.

In conclusion, just like dogs, your website users’ needs are simple. Give them what they want, make it easy to use and always keep it engaging. It’s that simple!

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