Why Isn’t Everyone Talking About You?

Joan Grenville

Why Isn’t Everyone Talking About You? Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

So you think you’re great?

That’s terrific. Self belief is very important.

Your business, services and products are brilliant. So why isn’t the phone ringing off the hook, why isn’t there a queue out your door, why hasn’t your inbox crashed from the volume of enquiries? Why isn’t everyone talking about you? Frustrating. And as for all these people liking and commenting on your facebook page, that’s great, but it’s not paying the bills unless they actually do business with you. We’ve all been there.

why isnt everyone talking about you

“Build it and they will come” only worked for Noah and Kevin Costner.
At what point does frustration turn to fear?

Or maybe you are crazy busy at the moment. Maybe you are working stupid hours, every day and running just to keep up with current client demands. Great problem to have but it too comes with a fear. That little voice in your head at night which says, “what happens six months from now, what if this dries up” and you tell yourself, I haven’t got time to think about marketing, not today, maybe next week. But that fear will sit in the background and just poke at you every so often. We’ve all been there too.

So who gives a crap?

Well you do (and I do). Truly I care, but that’s not the reason for a crass use of words. Who Gives A Crap? Is the name of an Australian company – which sells toilet roll and other paper cleaning products. They have taken the States, Europe and UK by storm with a world changing ethos and product.

who gives a crap toilet roll brand packaging

Launched with a crowdfunding idea six years ago to produce environmentally friendly toilet roll (made without using trees), and donate 50% of profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world, they are one of the fastest-growing social businesses in Australia.

Let’s talk toilet roll. A product we all use. A weekly purchase everyone makes, usually in a supermarket, maybe a local store or petrol station when they run out. A product Andrex and the ilk have been marketing on TV, radio and press advertising for 75 years (the epitome of outbound marketing). So why would a new producer market their new (slightly grey and individually wrapped toilet roll) online directly to the consumer?

Because yes technology has changed, but people have also changed. They no longer want to be shouted at or preached to. Companies talking at them instead of with them.

The need for marketing is unavoidable

It has been since Gutenberg invented moveable type in 1440 and mass communication gave consumers more choice. (yes, that’s where our name originates).

The fundamental basics of marketing haven’t changed in 700 years, but the platforms and most importantly the return on investment from different marketing channels, have changed significantly. Especially in this century. It’s important to know the best method to reach your customers and it is useful to take a fresh approach.

Consumers now engage with brands in a new way. Companies like Who Gives A Crap? bring their customers into their family. They share interesting knowledge, create an online experience which is friendly and enjoyable. Their brand and design packaging are welcoming – attributes carried through all their marketing platforms.

Yes your customers want value for their money. We also have to create a relationship customers will value. Instead of pushing information at customers, it is vital to portray a brand they look for and want to know more about.

If you identify the changes you need and get help to plot a measurable marketing strategy, you will have the time to get on with running the business. Of course, both time and money are needed, and you have a strict budget. So you think you can’t do anything too sophisticated to make a difference? Online digital marketing is proven to provide a far greater return on investment than traditional advertising channels. In fact, Facebook Ads provides the lowest cost per 1000 reach of any media including traditional such as newspapers, radio or outdoor advertising. Facebook advertising can help you build an audience quickly.

A majority of consumers research products and services online, regardless of whether the final purchase is made online or in person. So no matter what type of business you have, it’s vital to have a well-planned marketing strategy.

If changing the approach to selling a basic product like toilet roll can work, maybe changing your approach to marketing can work too. Are you open to the possibility of change?

There’s no need to have any fear.

Think Big. Start Small.

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