How a Website Content Plan Helps You Get Organised

Chris McAlonan

Published: 01st March 2018

How a Website Content Plan Helps You Get Organised Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

The thought of creating your website content plan is probably enough to make your heart beat faster and your blood pressure rise.

Simply thinking about the volume of content you need to create for your new website is overwhelming for many business owners, never mind working out the specifics of what you’re actually going to create, how to optimise the content so search engines can find it, and what calls to action it needs to include so readers know what to do once they’ve consumed it.

Stressed yet?

fourteen forty website content plan belfast

Don’t be. A website content plan can actually make your life a lot easier and we’ll explain why.

Website Content Plans

A website content plan is exactly that – a plan that details the content that needs to be created to populate your website design so that the website can be made live. Once you’ve developed your site map and identified the content required to complete each web page, you’ll be organised, more focused and ready to deliver. Not much can go wrong with a good website content plan in place, can it? Unfortunately, it can.

Moving Targets

One of the big challenges with traditional web design is that your website content plan often becomes a moving target. It’s created, you have a vision of the content you need and then you start to create it. Sounds simple enough, right?

But then you realise that you’ve too much content and you need to find somewhere else to put some of it, or you identify some additional content you could create to complement the content already planned, and you add that to the list.

This goes on until it gets to the point where you’ve updated the site map and website content plan at least half a dozen times, you’re not sure if the additional content you’ve added to the plan is content you actually need or just think you need, the gaps in the content to be delivered are just as big as they were 2 months ago, you’ve exceeded your website content budget, and the site is no closer to going live. So what are you doing wrong?

The problem is that you’re trying to create the perfect website content plan and website before you show it to the world, and because it’s rare for anything to be truly perfect, you never quite get to where you want to be. Then the frustration and disheartenment sets in because the content plan which is supposed to give you clarity and save you time is doing anything but that. What’s the solution? You need a Growth Driven Website Content Plan.

Growth Driven Web Design

At Fourteen Forty we subscribe to a concept known as Growth Driven Design, which has a few small but highly impactful differences to traditional web design.

1. We minimise the time to launch

fourteen forty website content plan belfast

The content requirements that we include within your website content plan will include only the ‘must have’ content that will have the greatest impact.

We’ll develop content goals based on customer personas and conduct qualitative and quantitative research to determine what is a ‘must-have’ content item. This means we can avoid waiting until we’ve every scrap of content that we think we’ll need before putting the website live. Instead we can focus on develop the content ideas that have come out of the research process, which means we’re not just guessing what potential customers will want to see.

This process also helps to keep us focused on producing only the core content we need at this point in time so we’re better organised and we’ll save time on its production.

2. We focus on continuous improvement

We don’t build a site, put it live and treat it as ‘job done’. Now that the ‘must have’ content is included, we do ongoing research, test the website’s performance and review the parked ‘will have in future’ list of content ideas to determine which should now progress to the ‘must have’ list. In this way the website content plan is broken down into bitesize chunks and is always a work in progress. Get in touch to find out more about our process.

3. We integrate Sales & Marketing

fourteen forty website content plan belfast

To determine what should go into this growth-driven plan we must be able to make decisions based on visitor behaviour.

This requires us to have a steady flow of visitors which leads us on to another distinct difference in a growth driven website plan.

Growth-Driven Design is tightly integrated with sales and marketing. Marketing campaigns need to form part of the website strategy to maximise the amount of traffic to the site. The insights we glean about visitors from the data we accumulate helps to inform and improve sales and marketing strategies and tactics and is fed back into the plan for implementation.

The Takeaways

1. A growth driven content plan focuses on a shorter list of essential content, rather than a complete list of all content that the website could ever need, thus cutting down the time required to develop and launch your website.

2. A growth driven content plan breaks it into bitesize chunks. You can have an organised and realistic plan to follow that takes the stress out of website content planning and delivery.

3. Your website will generate better results as your content plan will be aligned with your website marketing strategy to enable you to continually improve its performance.

Easy to say but not always easy to do!

So if you need someone to look from the outside and provide the critical eye that will help you move forward, get in touch and let’s see if we can help.