The referrals that got away

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The referrals that got away Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

If you have a classic car (Or anything you are passionate about).  Would you take it to have work carried out at a dirty garage that claims it can do anything from bodywork, engines, lorries and lawnmowers and everything in between?  Or would you rather go to a classic car specialist who just looks after classic cars? I’d bet it’s the latter. Your referrals, who are passionate about their company aren’t going to go to the dirty garage.  They want a specialist so you need to speak to them and convince them that you are the specialist that they are looking for.

So what’s happening to your referrals?

The reality is that if you’re good at what you do you’re probably getting referred by your clients. If your phones aren’t ringing you might be losing them along their journey to completion.  So let’s try to identify where the failure is, instead of blindly trying to fix things.  Referrals should be the easiest conversion opportunity you’ll have so make the most of them.

The first thing we need to know is are your clients actually referring you to people they know?  If you don’t want to just flat out ask your clients “are you referring me?” Then we can go about it a different way.

Do you know what your referrals are doing?

In my previous blog we said the action of someone who’s been referred is pretty standard.  They get your name and then they are going to look for you online.  Unless you’re a big name you probably won’t be able to see much of a monthly search result on Keywords Everywhere. But we should be able to look at your site’s Google Analytics and see what sort of traffic we are getting on the website.

We can see what sort of percentage of users are new traffic vs regular users.  We can see if they are direct traffic or have come from a link on a website ie your social media channels.  Is the Facebook profile driving any traffic to your site?  Social media is a key area your referrals will be looking at so don’t neglect it.


Stop losing your hard earned referrals

If there is little organic traffic going to your website, it’s pretty clear you’re not getting as many referrals as you’d like.  Social media accounts and other sources aren’t working either – don’t panic we’ll come to increasing referrals numbers in the next blog.

“Referrals are the type of client that I want.”

However, if search volume suggests that there are a lot of people searching for you.  Google Analytics is also suggesting high levels of organic traffic so we can assume that our clients are referring. But your phones still aren’t ringing and we’re not getting many contact form submissions.  So we likely have a problem with our website and its content.

Your website should be at the centre of your referral process

There are many factors that could be off-putting to your future customers.  Your website might be dated and they want to see something modern and fresh.  Review your buyer persona, does the website speak specifically to your buyers?  Have you even created a buyer persona for your customer so you know how to speak to them?  Do you know what their pain points are and does your website explain how you’ll address them?  Are you the specialist they are looking for are you trying to do too much on your website and convincing no one?

“Referrals make-up 90% of my new business”  but are you treating them the way you should?

Beautiful classic car

There are so many factors within the website that might lead to referral drop-offs.  Hopefully it’s a quick fix but it could take a bit more time and studying of your analytics to see what is causing people to leave.  If you’re targeting business owners don’t forget that this is a passion for them, this isn’t just a job and good enough isn’t good enough.  You need to look after their classic car and help them get it on the road.

Do you have any great tips for increasing your referrals?  Connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know what’s worked well for you.

Think Big. Start Small.

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