We are Fourteen Forty

At Fourteen Forty we place the customer experience at the heart of everything we create.

A clever advert, striking images on a website, a fast moving video, 10,000 likes on social media or your story on the front page of a newspaper — none of these alone equal success. Successful marketing relies upon connecting all the activity.
Fourteen Forty makes connections.

Marketing can increase awareness. Marketing can attract and generate support. Marketing can create understanding and endorsement. Fourteen Forty will ensure your marketing does MORE.

Fourteen Forty tracks your marketing activity and gives you knowledge about every audience you target.

Your knowledge gives you power to turn marketing into business growth.

Just as Fourteen Forty connects your marketing activity to create the best experience for your customer - the Fourteen Forty team is a group of creative, experienced and committed people. They are each skilled in their own areas of expertise, but with a passionate connection to work as a unit.

The Fourteen Forty team is united in its quest for your success

Rory McKinley
Creative Director

Rory is a visual communicator with a passion for brand identity and creating impressive campaigns which cut through the busy marketplace. Campaigns which attract attention and create results.

Patrick Wood
Account Management

Patrick has a vast proven track record of creating and managing engagement events for clients such as Sport Northern Ireland, Government Departments and Local Councils. He directs and manages every aspect from venue, activity, attendees to safety, catering and production of digital recording.

Chris McAlonan
Web Design

Applying solid research and planning to projects, Chris ensures that the technical challenges are met in order to produce the best outcomes. User experience applied to web and digital projects gives an edge to technical functionality.

Sam McKnight
Digital Marketing

Sam specialises in digital marketing techniques to track and measure your audience behaviour. He reports on their digital behaviour and provides vital real time information for the team to continually review and enhance your online activity.

Andy Turner
Managing Director

Andy has 30 years marketing experience and is the founder of Fourteen Forty. He has grown a professional company to provide quality and results focused relationships with its clients. Andy leads the team to ensure client requirements are best met and leads by example with a relentless quest for continuous improvement.

That's enough about us. Judge us by our results.

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