Rhythm Of The Bann Festival

Andy Turner

Published: 04th December 2019

Rhythm Of The Bann Festival Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

What do you do when you only have 4 weeks from the launch of an event to the date of the festival’s gala concert?

Sell it out – of course!

The Event – Rhythm of the Bann

Included a number of choral, musical and theatre style performances and shows for all the family – all under the artful direction of Northern Ireland’s ‘greatest showman’ Peter Corry on behalf of the Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council.

The problem – only 4 weeks to market a new event and sell tickets

Our solution was built around using Facebook advertising, a purpose-built landing page for the event, with a fully integrated Eventbrite ticketing solution, meaning customers could buy tickets directly from the landing page.

But this couldn’t be just a few boosted posts and hope everything turns out for the best. Instead, we built a targeted and highly effective advertising funnel that raised awareness, then converted interest into ticket sales. The results meant we were putting up the sold-out signs and turning away customers at the door.

Finding the audience

We knew this event wasn’t for everyone but we were confident that there was an audience, there generally is an audience for most things. The real challenge is getting to that audience when you don’t have the luxury of time or a large advertising budget.

We knew Facebook could help us identify those who most likely to have an interest in the event, based on a mix of their demographics and their interests.  These people became our initial audience for awareness advertising, just letting them know that the event was happening.

Get to market quickly

We could also get adverts up and running the moment the landing page went live rather than waiting for next week’s paper. This was crucial as it was just a few days before Mother’s Day and we knew we should be able to get a few sales as gifts to get us off to a good start.

Those who visited the landing page but didn’t purchase tickets were subsequently shown follow up adverts highlighting more features of both the wider festival and the gala event. Our goal was to make sure that their interest in the festival translated into an actual ticket purchase.

It’s a long way from a Facebook like to a sale but we go there with time to spare.

If you would like to find out more about how this type of approach could help you market your event or business just get in touch with our digital marketing expert Sam.

Steps Taken:

  • Landing page design
    Facebook pixel tracking code for audience retargeting during the campaign.
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign
    To initially raise awareness of the event with both local audiences and niche interests in the arts and music.
  • Creating a working advertising funnel
    Broken down into awareness, traffic, conversion.
    Awareness = promotion of the event to local audiences  
    Traffic = Why should people want to attend the event? Driving people to the new landing page using Facebook paid advertising  
    Conversion = retargeting ads, aimed at those that have previously engaged with Rhythm of the Bann content but did not complete the purchase process.

The total return on investment of the advertising spend was over 250%.

Content Created:

  • Landing page for the event with built-in Eventbrite ticketing solution
  • Event page on Facebook linked with Eventbrite payment
  • Organic and Paid advertising plan + content
  • Video promotion
  • Engaging with local online influencers

Advertising stats:

  • Reach of 115,000 people
  • 450,000 impressions over 4 weeks of advertising
  • Fourteen Forty activity drove over 75% of all traffic to the event landing page

“The Greatest Show” – What an amazing show. West End quality through and through. Well worth a visit. Look forward to future productions

Rhythm of the Bann 2019 attendee