Unbound Bikes

Unbound Bikes was born out of a passion for 2 wheels and a love of classic, bespoke hand made design. When former Pro Racer Simon Turner approached us to create a new brand for his business, we knew we had to design something that would spark excitement in enthusiasts and evolve to become a symbol of excellence within the world of custom bikes.

Our Services for Unbound bikes included running a Brand Pilot Workshop, Brand Naming and Brand Development, Creation of a new website, asset creation including photo and video shoots and a launch event with an accompanying PR campaign.

To begin the process of creating a new brand, we ran a brand workshop with the Unbound bikes team. This helped us to define the goals for the business, better understand the positioning of Unbound Bikes in the current landscape and identify the types of customer who would want to engage with Unbound Bikes. By running this successful workshop, we could develop a through brand strategy and from that, create a defined, authentic brand.

Form and function fuelled by creativity and passion

To enhance the brand, we produced a photography and video library that highlighted the unique bikes Unbound create, the city of Belfast and the environment in which the work is done. Using these photos and the messages they deliver throughout digital and traditional marketing channels has allowed Unbound bikes to firmly establish a business and a brand that attracts interest from all over the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Unbound Bikes Branding Collateral branding and marketing web design

“Fourteen Forty helped me to find my clients. I can build the bikes, but I had no idea what type of person would want to buy them or where to aim the product. Fourteen Forty really helped me to answer these questions, and have created a brand that is absolutely fantastic and really suits what the business is. I know working with Fourteen Forty, I am in safe hands.”

– Simon Turner, Unbound Bikes