Even Keel Family Office

Even Keel Family Office (EKFO) is a Family Office established by three European families in Greystones, near Dublin. Their purpose is to offer bespoke wealth management solutions to targeted high-value net worth people.

Branding and Collateral Matters

The key problem to solve: Improving the impression of the business. EKFO previously struggled to find that perfect leave-behind piece that captured their intended client's interest and imagination.

“The concept of a family office is a relatively new one in Ireland, and a lot of actors in the market drew their own conclusions of what our interests and business model were. It became apparent to us that we needed a way to convey our business methods, ethos, interests and thinking in a way which not only stood out but also conveyed the intricate attention to detail we deploy, as well as the personal craftsmanship across generations which signifies the work we do for our families.”

Bruno Doutrelepont
CEO - Even Keel Family Office

Multisensory Approach

“Fourteen-Forty brought about a multisensory approach ranging from the feel of the document when one holds it, to the colours and imagery. The imagery was particularly imaginative, as it clearly communicated our approach without detracting from the written message, and it also allowed us to tell a story around the material which resonated very clearly with the message we wanted to convey.”

Bruno Doutrelepont
CEO - Even Keel Family Office

even keel family office branding graphic design belfast

Launching a new product

Bringing a relatively new product to a comparably new market, EKFO needed to stand out from the pre-existing competition but fit in with client expectations.

Our Creative Director spent time with the client discussing a number of keywords that described their business and the services offered, such as:

  • Bespoke
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Tailored
  • Trusted
  • Experienced
even keel family office branding and graphic design belfast

Following Sector research, there was a trend amongst competitors to use team-building (eg a team of rowers) and goal-achieving imagery( eg standing on the summit of a mountain). We found this type of approach too generic and could arguably be used in a range of other sectors - EKFO offers a more tailored and bespoke approach so why can't their marketing material reflect this?

Using the keywords agreed with EKFO, we focused our designs around bespoke, highly-detailed handmade antique safes and jewellery boxes. These display both bespoke and intricate design as well as convey the ability to protect high-value items - perfectly connecting with Even Keel’s service offering.

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Standing out from the competition

We were able to use our deeply rooted interest in traditional art and design to create a brochure that stood out from the competition and conveyed the intricate attention to detail and craftsmanship EKFO offer with their services.

This was achieved by using catalogued artwork from the Met Museum, New York. After a bit of photo manipulation to help the images fit in with the brand style, these were finished using a high-quality hand-woven paper stock to provide a multisensory approach to sales, stunning design and a delightful tactile experience.

We also updated their website to bring it into line with the new brochure.

“We briefed the team at Fourteen Forty about our business model and what the objective was that we wanted to achieve. The team came back with a holistic and bespoke solution which far superseded our expectations. The quality of the work was such that we accepted their suggestion of a subtle re-brand of the business which everyone on the team embraced and are very proud of.”

“I cannot recommend Fourteen-Forty highly enough.

Bruno Doutrelepont
CEO - Even Keel Family Office