Diamond & Skillen Accountants

Diamond & Skillen is a Chartered Accountants Practice situated in Belfast City Centre. Originally formed in 1926 by P Oswald Diamond, the Practice has been situated in Belfast ever since. The Practice has remained family-owned since its formation over 90 years ago, and Nigel Skillen (Director) as a second-generation member has managed the business for almost 20 years.

Importance of a website

The key problems to solve: Improving the online presence of their business, refreshing the brand to bring it up to date and increasing new business generated through the website.

When we first approached Diamond & Skillen, their website wasn’t up to scratch. It wasn’t responsive so it didn’t work well on mobiles and tablets, therefore alienating more than two-thirds of their potential audience. We explained the importance of a mobile responsive website and how every website today should have this feature.

Their new website is fully responsive and uses the latest web design standards.

diamond skillen responsive web design on ipad iphone belfast

A website that costs business

Initially, Diamond & Skillen weren’t sure they needed a refreshed website. They had some new business coming through referrals and other channels so they were content enough with their workload. Our argument was that their current website may not be earning any new business, but it certainly will put off some potential clients, many of whom could be a referral. In particular, younger clients who look at a business’ website before employing their services.

A website needs to reflect the service expected and it sets the stage for expectations of what you’ll pay for a service. A cheap website with inferior web design often means a low-quality service. A detailed, informative and intuitive website signifies someone who cares about their reputation, the service they offer and their customer's experience and time.

diamond skillen responsive web design belfast new brand

Branding Matters

We conducted some market research into the accountancy sector, including researching competitors, and found that a lot of the websites were bland and information-heavy at the cost of design, so were hard to navigate for their users. We wanted to change that for Diamond Skillen with a fresh and colourful brand without being overpowering. We think we’ve achieved that utilising stylish graphic design and functional web design.

We purposefully went with a simple but sharp brand so it will stand the test of time. There also wasn’t a huge amount of content within the website before Fourteen Forty was involved. We were able to help with content suggestions and position that content in a way which a user wanted to read. Highlighting the important information and removing information that didn’t add to the buyer’s journey. The new content clearly defined their services and how they can help their customers without overpowering the user.

diamond skillen graphic design and branding logo design

Brand Refresh

Fourteen Forty strives to help businesses grow, therefore by improving Diamond & Skillen’s website and refreshing their brand, we would help take their business to the next level. We believe Diamond Skillen now have a modern and refreshing brand with a website to match.