Our Ultimate Mission as a Brand and Digital Agency

Andy Turner

Our Ultimate Mission as a Brand and Digital Agency Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

The mission everyone at Fourteen Forty has signed up to is simple:

To be the best investment your business will ever make.

It’s a bold statement. However, it’s one we believe it’s our job to deliver on. The mission keeps us focused on why we’re here and what’s important. Put us to the test and choose us as your brand and digital agency.

Treat your money as our own

Fourteen Forty was founded on the principle that as agencies we need to take our responsibility for a client’s budget seriously. Treat your money as our own and always ask the question “will this make a difference?”.

Do something great - Our Mission as a Brand and Digital Agency

When promoting your business you’re going to end up spending money, it’s inevitable. I wanted to create an environment where people could be sure they were spending their money wisely.

The Fourteen Forty team share my determination to define and deliver success for our clients. Doing this allows us to build a sustainable business that will be here, serving our clients for years to come. That’s why the first question we will ask is “What do you want to achieve?” not “What budget do you have to spend?” when you hire us as a brand and digital agency.

Founded on adding value

I founded Fourteen Forty 15 years ago having worked in agencies in one shape or form since 1989. In that time I’ve seen a lot of changes (I’m old enough to remember a time before email!). The fundamentals of what a brand and digital agency should deliver for its customers remain the same.

Tell people who you are and why you matter.

However, navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by the almost overwhelming array of promotional channels available today is the biggest single change I have seen over the years. 

Digital marketing channels

Bringing a focus to the channels that genuinely make a difference to your bottom line is where I believe I can best help clients. Our team contains brand strategists, designers, web developers and digital marketers. Utilising these mix of skills we will be able to provide you with a clear direction for your brand and promotions, based on a value proposition that helps people choose you over your competition.

Put our mission to the test

As I said, I’ve been at this a long time and I’ve picked up a fair amount of knowledge. I’ve adapted the business to reflect the changes in technology so we remain relevant to our customers. Furthermore, I’ve been running a small business all these years myself. I understand the challenges that keep you awake at night. If you’re looking for help in solving some of these challenges so your business can become the business you’d always hoped it would, then we might just be able to help.

So, here’s the deal, if you want to find out if I’m true to my word, buy me a cup of coffee. We can meet for coffee in town or if you would prefer, you can call into the office and meet the team. Yes, you pay for the coffee but in return, I promise to provide actionable suggestions to improve your current brand or digital marketing. I’m sure you’ll find it’s the best investment you ever made.

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Think Big. Start Small.

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