13th March 2019

Ole’s At The Wheel

It’s a big week in Fourteen Forty, the mighty Manchester United play Craig’s Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux.

Let’s look at the wider ‘Ole’ effect at the Theatre of Dreams.

But what’s this got to do with branding or marketing?

Core Values

An organisations core values are more than just some words on a piece of paper in a file somewhere!

There’s a way of playing football at Old Trafford, the United Way.

These core beliefs of playing attacking football while trusting young players that have come through the clubs academy setup where these beliefs and values are instilled from a young age.
Jose Mourinho tried to mould the club to match his own values as a manager. This seen a more defensive approach and some questionable comments made about his own playing staff. This caused issues from the boardroom to the changing room. The manager had lost the confidence of the players by December 2018, internal communication had broken down, leading to a toxic environment.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed in a caretaker role until the end of the season, 3 months later nobody could have imagined just how successful he would be. Immediately Ole reconnected with the values of the club that both players and fans appreciate.

Social Media

Manchester United’s Twitter Feed

Following the appointment, follower growth was up by 120% on an average week
Engagement on Manchester United’s media channels has dramatically increased since the appointment Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The upshot comes after the dismissal of Jose Mourinho back in December.
In the week starting 17 December (week of Mourinho losing his job), the club claims weekly website reach was up by 210% compared to the average week

The Business of football – your brand is key to your value

We would all love to pretend Ed Woodward (Chief Executive) makes all decisions in his role with the benefits of the fans or the team itself but with over 50 official sponsors including a Global Mattress and Pillow Partner.

Following the announcement that Mr Mourinho was no longer required, the club’s share price increased by 3.3% within 15 minutes of trading.
The club’s stock closed up 5.78 per cent on the day and which added £130m to the club’s market value.

As of the opening bell on Thursday, the stock had climbed further, up over 10 per cent since the club’s announcement, adding almost £225m to the club’s market cap

What can your business learn?   

Reconnecting with your values, don’t underestimate their importance,
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P.s. I’m ignoring that blip against Arsenal after that Famous Night in Paris.