New Year, New Website… In Action!

Chris McAlonan

Published: 24th January 2019

New Year, New Website… In Action! Blog Article

There comes a point in every website’s life cycle where a redesign is required.

Whether it be your website looks dated or your business has outgrown your website and needs to fulfil different business goals.

One of our earliest clients, Sharon Campbell, is an acupuncturist based in Belfast. She has had a website with Fourteen Forty for years and her business is booming but Sharon felt that her competitors have ‘upped their game’ in terms of their websites. They’re ahead of the curve and Sharon wants to get back in front again.

During one of our bi-annual reviews we conduct with all our clients, Sharon told us about her new business goals so we came to the conclusion a new website was in order. This new website would improve user experience, work better on mobiles and convert more users into customers. Sharon also wanted to improve her social media presence as the majority of her clients use Facebook so we decided a custom marketing plan would be needed too.

The next day we got straight to work devising a digital marketing plan for Sharon and creating some initial designs of how we believe her updated website should look. Market research and analytics analysis enabled us to make data-driven decisions about what would work and what wouldn’t work for the new website.

A few days later we sent Sharon our proposal for a new website and marketing plan. Sharon was very pleased and couldn’t wait to see her new website.

At Fourteen Forty we make sure when it comes to your website, you’re not loaded with unnecessary chores when you have a business empire to run. We take the strain and our clients trust us to do so.

Launch Day!

New website… Check!

Digital Marketing Plan… Check!

Excitement levels at 100%… Check!

The new website was live and Sharon couldn’t wait to start telling everyone about it.

We created a before and after picture below for you to see how the website used to look compared to how it looks now.

before and after website redesign sharon campbell
Before and After the website redesign for Sharon Campbell Acupuncture.

We completely redesigned the website, updated the brand, added fresh content and made it work well on mobile devices.

Her new website includes a fully thought-out user journey which will help increase her client numbers.

Whilst being modern and fresh looking, it isn’t minimalistic and boring. This is a website Sharon could be proud of and show her prospective clients.

There are a few things in the pipeline for Sharon and we are truly grateful she puts her trust in us to look after her website. Thank you! You can check out her new website here.

If you have a website you think is a bit stale looking, or you think your competitors have upped their game leaving you behind, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do!