01st April 2019

Massive Breakthrough in Screen Technology

The clever people at Apple and Samsung have done it! They’ve finally mastered the art of “tasty-vision”.

Ever been scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and all of a sudden some beautiful food pops up? Your mouth is watering and you just really really really want to taste it… Well, now you can. Using the latest software your screen will mimic the flavour of whats displaying on it right now.

G’wan, give it a go. Just take a lick of your screen and taste the strawberry goodness! It takes a few licks to work but keep on licking and you’ll start tasting strawberry soon.

Can you taste it? No? Try some delicious chocolate, it’s one of my favourites!

nestle chocolate

April Fools!

I hope you didn’t think we were serious, but surely someone tried licking their screen? No? Just Patrick, our Project Manager then…

Nowadays it feels like it’s constantly April Fools Day (politicians, ahem…), but if we don’t make ourselves laugh we’ll end up crying. Articles like this can provoke a reaction, start a conversation or even just brighten your day a tiny bit.

I hope you got a giggle out of our article and it stood out from your many other April Fools Day articles and emails. If you think your organisation could benefit from marketing or our other services, whether to reach a wide audience or convert that audience into customers, give me a shout at chris@fourteen-forty.com and I’ll help you get started.

(Does anyone want to admit they tried licking their screen? I won’t tell anyone…)