How To Make A Lightning Fast Website

Chris McAlonan

Published: 05th September 2018

How To Make A Lightning Fast Website Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

How often do you get frustrated when browsing the internet due to slow load speeds or websites which take ages to load?

Do you usually stay on those websites for long? A slow website can turn users away and discourage them from returning. A fast website will encourage return visitors.

Even with Superfast Fibre Broadband being rolled out across the country, this doesn’t include all users and some websites will still take a long time to load. You don’t want to exclude the portion of the country without superfast broadband and those on 3G networks. The fact that 66% of website visits being made on mobile means you need to make sure your website loads quickly on all devices. Ideally, you want your website to load just as quickly on 3G as it would on Wifi.

Keep reading to find out how to make sure you don’t alienate some users from your website.

Optimise Images

If there’s one point you take away from this article, it’s this one. Images account for most of the data downloaded to your device on a webpage and by formatting images correctly, you can seriously cut down on data usage keeping your website visitors happy.

Image optimisation also helps Search Engine Optimisation. Your website will appear higher in Google search engine results if your images are optimised correctly. Large files slow down your website and search engines like Google despise slow websites. They will penalise your website and once you get on the wrong side of Google it’s hard to get back onto their good side.

It’s a fine balancing act to make sure your images are small enough to load quickly but also high enough quality to still make an impact. Once you master the art of image optimisation you’ll never look back. It’s essential for a fast website.

Check your plugins

This one is for the WordPress website owners out there. Plugins are an integral part of WordPress and can vastly improve the user experience and make the life of the developer much easier. However, word of warning if you’re eager to get started with plugins. Having many plugins enabled on your website can bring your website to a grinding halt, as with each load of your website the plugins also need to load with it every single time. At Fourteen Forty we only use plugins if absolutely necessary and prefer to develop our own code so we know exactly what the website is doing at all times.

If you use a lot of plugins, consider disabling them one at a time and see if you notice an improvement in page loading times. This will give a good idea of any plugins which are slowing your website down and allow you to consider if they’re really necessary at all. Numerous plugins are the enemy of a fast website.

Simple website design

Keeping your website design simple can increase your page load speed. One big reason for this is that everytime you see a fancy effect or cool transition, that requires something extra to be loaded in order for it to happen. Elements such as JavaScript, CSS and images can drastically improve the user experience but at the cost of some page loading speed. Again as with image optimisation it’s a fine balancing act between giving a good user experience and making sure the website loads lightning fast.

Latest Development Techniques

Using the latest website programming languages can help improve page load times. With HTML5 and CSS3, elements within your website which requires multiple lines of code now only need 1 simple line of code. It’s small optimisation here and there within your websites which add up and make sure you have a super fast website. At Fourteen Forty our developers keep on top of the latest development techniques and frequently attend webinars on the subject.

No Time? No Problem!

At Fourteen Forty we know that, as a business owner, you don’t have the time to worry about these things. That’s why many of our clients trust us to look after their websites and marketing collateral. Also, with our bi-annually reviews conducted alongside our clients, their voices are always heard and actions are taken to improve their projects.

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