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Impressive Lead Generation Websites For Businesses Who Mean Business Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

Your website isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be just an online place where people can find out some basic information about you, along with your opening hours and contact details.

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These are important things to have but they only scratch the surface of what your website is supposed to do for your business i.e. turn visitors into prospects and prospects into customers by working as a lead generation website.

Lead Generation Website for Business Owners

Your lead generation website should tell the story of your brand and your people to help your website visitors to connect with you AND encourage them to make contact with you.

Your lead generation website should provide information on the products and services you offer AND compel visitors to make contact with you about them.

Your lead generation website should illustrate what you could do for your visitors if they chose to work with you AND make visitors want to make contact with you to explore the possibility.

So, in short your website needs to do more than just provide information, it needs to inspire your visitors to action to enable you to capture vital customer information!

Are you a business owner who means business? If so, you need to plan and develop your web design strategy with lead generation firmly at the forefront of your mind.

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Find the right pieces and build a website that really WORKS for your business.

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to this problem, so let us help you work out the right solution for your business. Book your free workshop and let’s get the ideas you need now.

4 steps to create a lead generation website

1. Attract website visitors

To generate leads your website needs to be able to attract visitors to your site. This is achieved through content creation and marketing. To attract visitors to your site via search engines you need to create content that provides answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. On arrival, your website must have good design and branding, be mobile friendly and easy to use, otherwise your visitors won’t stay long enough to engage with you. Make sure your website is fit for purpose and start planning marketing campaigns that will attract visitors to your website and make them want to stay a while.

2. Convert visitors to leads

To convert visitors to leads, you need to guide and compel your visitors to stay long enough to take some form of action as it is these actions that separate potential customers with a genuine intent to purchase from the idle browsers. To convert visitors to leads you need to offer them something of value, so much so that they are willing to part with their contact information in order to receive it. This could be a product brochure, templates or special offers. Lead generation forms that allow you to capture customer information prior to download are the types of actions that make a lead generation website different from a standard website and differentiate a successful, growth-driven business owner from all other business owners. Get in touch to find out more.

3. Close leads and gain customers

Now that you’ve captured contact information, you have an opportunity to engage with your potential customers by sending them email campaigns with useful information that relates to their needs and challenges. This enables you to showcase your expertise, and enables the customer to develop confidence in you and your brand over time. You may be able to engage in one-to-one conversations with your prospect to develop your understanding of their needs and tailor solutions to their requirements. Then you will reach the stage where a prospect becomes more than a prospect – they become your customer.

4. Delight customers and they become promoters

By feeding your customers regular, valuable content that meets their needs and by providing them with products and services that meet and exceed their expectations, you develop loyal customers and brand advocates. This is the ultimate goal for any business as online testimonials and referrals, and word of mouth testimonials from your brand promotors will feed new prospects into your sales funnel.

What next?

Many traditional websites fall down after the first hurdle. They attract visitors to the site, but don’t make it clear what the visitor is supposed to do. Think about the tactics your lead generation website needs to include to convert visitors to leads.

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Your landing page needs Calls to Actions (CTAs). Include buttons to tell visitors to shop, or buy or download or sign up for something. Include landing page forms that are customised to include the various fields of data you require to learn more about your prospects. This will help you gather more information about them and their needs for remarketing to them – but be careful not too many to put them off completing it in the first place! Consider pop-ups such as chatbots to help visitors to address any queries or special offers to incentivise your visitors to take action now.

A well designed lead generation website will prompt a potential customer to take the actions you are directing them to take and will generate the results you are aiming for.

Think Big. Start Small.

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