Is Yell right for your business?

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Is Yell right for your business? Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

Should you pay to have a Yell business website built? In short No

Your website has become your shop window, treat it that way. If your website does not look the part all your sales will suffer.

The Yellow Pages were vital for trade businesses in the ’80s, 90’s and early 2000’s,  If you couldn’t find a recommendation for a builder or a plumber you turned to the trusty Yellow Pages.  The books have long since gone and replaced by Yell websites, but is is still a go-to place now and should you consider a Yell website for your business? In short, we think they are best avoided.

We have spoken to dozens of business owners who have a website built and hosted by Yell, it works for some of them but for those who are looking to take a step up with their sales efforts they’ve all found the website very quickly became the limiting factor.  Why was that?  Ultimately they have been rented a website that does very little to separate them from their competition or find more or the right people.  What they really needed was to work with an agency that understood their problems and delivered a tailored system to overcome them.

Here are 6 reasons why it’s probably best to look at a Brand & Digital Agency as an alternative to a Yell website.

1. High pressure sales

High pressure sales tactics pushing options and services onto your website that you may not need.  An agency will work with you to understand your requirements and give you a price, there shouldn’t be any upselling pressure to buy things you don’t need.  A website isn’t a quick fix and shouldn’t be sold as one.

2. Prices

Yell might seem cheap on first inspection, but the reality is a different story.  A basic Yell site can start at £495, but in reality, you’re not going to be happy with the £495 site.  You’ll end up spending in the thousands of pounds with a 15 page site costing around £4000.  But that’s not all, Yell will try to sign you to their advertising services and being a Yell site you’ll have to use their hosting.  That alone comes in at a cool £96/month.  Over the course of 5 years with a £2500 initial investment your website will have cost you £8260 and that’s before they convince you to take on advertising with them.

I’ve read of one company that paid nearly £5000 for the site, and then had various monthly services totalling £1200.  They very quickly wrote off the initial £5000 and went to an agency when the £1200 failed to deliver the results they were expecting.

3. The lack of design and understanding of your customers.

Yell websites work with very basic stock templates and stock images. If you want to have something off the top shelf, that will cost you more money but it won’t necessarily be right for your customers.  We will work with you to understand who your clients are and where you fit in the market so that your website works as effectively as possible for you.  Not just a bland website that follows the same pattern as dozens of others.

Is Yell right for your business? 1

Do you want to set up a platform to show off your trade business? We can help.

Yell is letting local business down and we want to help fix this.

4. You don’t own your website

Yes, you read that right, the website you pay £96 a month isn’t actually yours.  Yell own it and all the content so as soon as you stop paying, it’s gone.  We work almost exclusively on WordPress, it’s an open-source platform that you can take with you if you decide to try a new approach with a new agency.  If you want to leave Yell you’ll be most likely starting from scratch, but that won’t be such a bad thing.

Is Yell right for your business? 2

5. Hosting

A brand & digital agency will host you on a far superior server than Yell.  Our servers are optimised for speed and security whilst being supplied at a much more affordable price than Yell.  In fact, our hosting is ¼ of the cost of Yell at £300/year.

Is Yell right for your business? 3

6. Support

Our support isn’t based around upselling, it’s about us solving any problems you might have.  We are local, you know who you are speaking to and we have an interest in making sure your website is working to the best of its ability. 

In reality, this is just scratching the surface of why you shouldn’t use a Yell site.  The internet is full of blog articles just like this one, they are there for a reason.  We can help you do better, just give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation with a team of experts.

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