Whether your company is already established or an emerging brand, assessing and defining a brand strategy will help to shape your business. We will help you to appraise your aspirations, distinguish your customers, clarify your purpose and find your voice.

Find clarity, define your business

Discovery Workshop

A discovery session is where our brand team sit down with you and your key personnel to explore your business. This allows us to gather key information and gain a high level understanding of your service and your project. This is done through a mixture of workshop exercises, Q&A’s and informal, open discussion.

The primary purpose of a discovery session is for us all to gain clarity and an understanding of your business, your goals, your ideal customers and your current brand identity. By sitting down and discussing your company in this manner, we can decisively figure out who you are and why you matter. This enables us to strategise and collectively determine the right direction of travel for your business.

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Brand Strategy

Post discovery session, our team will use the findings from your discovery session to produce a brand strategy for your business.

A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of your business and is directly connected to your ideal customers needs and behaviours. It is the starting point for how you, and your team will build, shape, and grow your brand and your business.

What's Included In A Brand Strategy?

Customer Personas

Taking and expanding on the findings from the discovery session, we will develop your customer personas so that you have comprehensive user profiles that identify customer demographics and behaviours.

Your strategy will also map out scenarios in which those customers might interact with your brand, giving insight into how we purposefully target them to help grow your business.

Brand Attributes

To assist with cementing your brands positioning, the brand strategy will also include defined brand attributes.

These attributes reveal your business personality, messaging, tone and values, all of which help to define your brand for you, your staff and your customers.

Competitive Landscape

As part of the discovery session, we will analyse competitors objectively, discovering what is done well and where there is a gap to be filled.

As part of your brand strategy, we will plot where in the marketplace your business sits, and once we have identified your competitive advantage, we can competently create messaging and marketing that generates a better ROI.

Brand Story

Every business starts somewhere. Every business has a story. Committing your story to paper allows it to become an extremely powerful tool in the development of your brand.

Customers buy products or services from brands they trust and admire. By allowing customers to learn more about your business story, you can positively affect the way they perceive your brand and the way they refer to your business.

Our creative team will use the findings from the discovery session to write a compelling brand story, which can enhance your website and marketing.

Value Proposition

As part of your strategy, our team will create your brands value proposition.

This is a very short, single statement that is an easy to understand reason why a customer should consider your business for their needs. A compelling value proposition understands your customers and talks directly to them in a clear manner that evokes a positive reaction.

By creating an informed value proposition, you can increase your conversion rate and improve your marketing efforts.

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