Create A Web Design Strategy To Increase Website Traffic

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Create A Web Design Strategy To Increase Website Traffic Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

If you have an existing website you’ve perhaps been using tactics like social media marketing, content marketing, SEO and maybe even PPC to increase your website traffic.

These are all important but sometimes no amount of marketing can help to increase website traffic if the site is poorly designed.

Some businesses don’t think about how they will increase website traffic until after the website is built. Don’t fall into this trap. Think about how your web design will impact on your ability to market your website to potential customers and increase website traffic at the outset. This should form part of your web design strategy, site map and website content planning processes. By doing this you will learn both how to increase website traffic using clever web design tactics and can get started on doing so right away once the site is launched.

How To Increase Website Traffic When Developing Your Web Design Strategy

Your web design strategy can massively impact on your website’s ability to rank in search engines – which we refer to as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short – therefore your web design strategy must be developed with SEO in mind. What does this mean? Basically your web design must ensure that it doesn’t fall foul of any of the common issues that negatively impact on your rankings. Here are a few of the key ones:

1. Responsive Design – How a Responsive Website Can Increase Website Traffic

fourteen forty increase website traffic belfast

A responsive web design is one that will adapt and display content effectively regardless of the screen size and platform you use so the user will have a good experience irrespective of whether he/she visits the website on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device. Google openly admits that it penalises websites that are not responsive. Most new websites will be (if you use a reputable web designer) but many older websites are now in need of an overhaul as they were designed before the boom in smartphones and internet browsing on your mobile phone.

2. Site Speed – How Your Site’s Load Speed Can Increase Website Traffic

If your website is slow to load up it results in a poor user experience and potential visitors will be off in a flash, clicking on someone else’s site instead. To add a double blow, Google’s search engine crawlers will penalise you by ranking you lower in their search engine results pages for providing users with a negative experience. Most users, yourself included no doubt, only click on the top ranking search results on the first page. Some items of content like images and videos can slow down the speed at which your website will load but this content is also important for engagement, therefore your web design strategy needs to address how this content will be rendered in such a way so as to allow both users and search engines to have a positive experience on your website.

3. Website Coding – How Clean Code Can Increase Website Traffic

fourteen forty increase website traffic belfast

Some forms of code that are used to build your web pages, such as JavaScript or plug-ins can restrict or prevent some of your most important content on the site from being crawled by search engines. Some inexperienced developers are also guilty of creating code on your web pages that is so clunky that it pushes the important content and keywords too far down the page. Google’s search engine crawlers will give up crawling it long before they reach it so they miss out on it entirely. The result – your site will be ranked lower in the search engines and you will get less traffic to your site.

4. Sharing Features – How Building a Site That Can Be Shared Can Increase Website Traffic

If you’ve visited any news websites or blogs recently, registered for an event on Eventbrite or sponsored someone via a website like JustGiving, you’ll probably recall seeing share icons that allow and indeed prompt you to share the content directly to your own personal or business social media channels. If you make it easy for your website visitors to share your content, they will be more inclined to do so for others to see.

5. Build a Blog – How Building a Website Blog Can Increase Website Traffic

fourteen forty increase website traffic belfast

Business blogging is one of the most common tactics used to drive traffic to your website for many reasons. More content equals more opportunities to be found in the search engines, and if you share it to your social channels too this can also help to increase website traffic. In addition Google also makes it clear that fresh content on your site ticks a big box for them because you’re providing regular useful information (hopefully!) which gives them a reason to send website traffic to you over a competitor. Blogging is a credibility metric which if done right, demonstrates your knowledge and expertise. Get in touch to find out more.

6. Optimise Your Content – How Content Optimisation Can Increase Website Traffic

We’ve talked about how you can design a website that search engines like Google can crawl, and how to create content that attracts search engine users and potential customers to the site. But what if they get there and you don’t give the search engine crawlers what they are looking for? You’ll rank lower than you should. On-page optimisation is the term used to refer to the placement of relevant and search friendly keywords in crucial places within your website content and code (page titles, meta descriptions, images etc.) to tell Google that your website offers the answers to their customers search queries. Your web design strategy needs to factor in a plan to ensure that your web pages are fully optimised to be found.

How to Increase Website Traffic – Optimise your website’s content for search engines!

These are some important web design and marketing tactics you should be thinking about addressing in your web design strategy to ensure that you build a site that has the potential to attract a lot of traffic. If you build a website that lacks many of these features, some will be harder than others to address post-launch – the worst-case scenario is that you may have to start all over again and that’s the last thing any business owner wants! So plan in advance, plan in-depth and create a website design strategy that will increase website traffic!

Think Big. Start Small.

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