Create Successful Marketing Plans Using SOSTAC

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Create Successful Marketing Plans Using SOSTAC Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

At Fourteen Forty we adopt a multi-channel approach to planning marketing campaigns for both ourselves and our clients, using the SOSTAC Framework.

Originally created in the 1990s by PR Smith, the SOSTAC framework is noted as being one of the best frameworks to use for marketing campaign planning by The Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

Situation Analysis: Where are we now?

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Start by reviewing both your current position in the market place. 

For instance, recommend using a SWOT analysis at this stage to consider current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you are facing. 

Beforehand, make sure to carry out competitor analysis and target market research at this stage.
So, ask yourself:

Objectives: Where do we want to be? 

The setting of key performance indicators (KPIs) at this stage will allow you to start forming a marketing campaign to deliver on these goals.

The vision of what you want to achieve will be confirmed at this stage, so how do you want to be viewed by the public or your customers?

Fourteen Forty’s vision;
To be the best investment our clients will ever make.

Strategy: How do we get there?

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Finalising of target markets and marketing messages is important. In other words, you can make sure you are appealing to those that are likely to engage with your business.

Market positioning will be carried out here – so, decide where you see yourself fitting into the market. This can be by cost or service provided.  

How will you make yourself stand out from your competitors?

Are you high-end and bespoke selling high-value products? Or on the contrary, are you providing a cost-effective solution to an everyday problem affecting millions of people? 

Tactics: How EXACTLY do we get there?

You need to develop a multichannel marketing mix, therefore we suggest checking out the 7 P’s framework. This will allow you to spread your marketing budget across channels in the most effective way. 

As part of this marketing mix, a content plan will need to be produced, read this fantastic blog from Hubspot on how to build a manageable content plan.

Decide on which channels to use, including how to prioritise them and a tone of voice (this can vary depending on the channel).
After that, make sure these are in line with your organisation’s objectives and strategy!

Actions: The details of the tactics 

Confirm the finer details of the tactics. Including responsibilities and structure, processes and systems, internal resources and skills.  

Who is managing which elements of the plan? For instance, who is producing what content? 

Above all, making responsibilities crystal clear and managing them is vital for a successful approach to marketing your business! 

Control: How do we monitor performance? 

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Managing the campaign throughout will allow you to score current data against KPI’s set at the start of the planning phase. 

In addition, measure your performance against your original objectives so you can see if you have achieved what you intended.

Therefore, now that you planned your campaign using the SOSTAC framework check out the RACE framework for implementation. 

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