Small Changes with Big Impacts

Patrick Wood

Published: 09th August 2019

Small Changes with Big Impacts Blog Article Branding Digital Agency Belfast

Bill Gates said most people overestimate what can be achieved in a year but underestimate what can be achieved in 5 or 10 years.

Fridays at Fourteen Forty mean Chinese food for lunch day, we all eat it and all eat the same meal.  When I brought bowls to the office to take down to the Harmony Palace, Sam and Chris looked at me as though it was a waste of time.  Sure what does 1 Chinese meal a week matter – it’s only 6 or 7 small containers?  Well, maybe if it’s a one-off, it doesn’t, but it’s not a one-off, it’s routine and if we take our bowls back to the takeaway for a year, that’s 350 containers a year.  And if you follow through to Bill Gates 10 year projection, the number of containers not going to landfill is clearly substantial.

Long term goals are made up of small gains or wins.  There is no one thing we can do today to create a sustainable sales pipeline. But we can take control of our Google My Business today, we can go to a networking meeting tomorrow.  Write a LinkedIn post or blog to let people know what your company has been delivering recently.

Sir Dave Brailsford from Team Sky once said: “The whole principle of marginal gains came from the idea that if you broke down everything that could impact on a cycling performance — absolutely everything you could think of — and then you improved everything little thing by 1%, when you clump it all together, you’re going to get quite a significant increase in performance.”

The thing with marginal gains is that you don’t see them straight away, you need to look at the big picture and the end result.

So think about a small change (and quite often its an easy change) you can make today.  Take control of your Google My Business for example. It won’t change your world today, but it will make a small difference in the long run, and when combined with lots of 1% improvements you start seeing that big difference that British Cycling and Team Sky saw.

Easy to say but not always easy to do!

So if you need someone to look from the outside and provide the critical eye that will help you move forward, get in touch and let’s see if we can help.