Bringing Clarity to a Stretched Business

We will keep this short and sweet, watch this video to hear directly from Peter Corry and his experience working with Fourteen Forty.

If you want to read the full case study after this brief introduction it is available here.

Peter and Fleur felt their marketing was suffering from a lack of direction, as they struggled to keep all the various plates spinning. Each area of the business had its own website and they had 5 Facebook pages to manage. A lot of marketing for performances was being undertaken by venues with mixed results. Peter Corry Productions needed a clearer idea of who was buying tickets, and how to find more like-minded customers.

Like many businesses we have worked with they were concerned at the possibility of losing touch with their audience.

How Fourteen Forty Helped

1. An understanding of when & how to best talk to their customers

Previous experience with venues and ticket sellers left Peter Corry Productions with limited customer data so made remarketing to true fans of their business difficult for every show. 

2. Bringing clarity to a confused brand

We created a strategy to connect with and capture the audience that we knew existed for Peter Corry shows. This has saved Peter and Fleur money in the promotion of every show since and will continue to improve.

3. To build a complete digital platform, not only a website 

As well as a new website, we aligned the social media channels and introduced email marketing. This allowed Peter Corry Productions to showcase the business to a level that matches the quality of their business

4. Landing pages and campaigns for key services

These pages are very specific to key markets for the business. This allows Peter to control his messaging to specific audiences in a way that his previous website couldn’t. 

Bringing Clarity to a Stretched Business 1
Bringing Clarity to a Stretched Business 2

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The end result is a company with a new brand, that is brought to life and built to succeed.

After refreshing the brand and revolutionising Peter Corry Production’s marketing efforts we have helped marketing and promotion of major events over the past 2 years such as Christmas at the Cathedral.

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