Do you want to attract more customers?

You don't need just another website.
You need a system that tells more people who you are and why you matter.

How we can help

Your website is more important than ever.
Don't let it damage your business.

Think of your website as a key member of staff. If it isn’t working hard to deliver consistent results and happy customers, then it’s costing you money by driving potential sales to your competitors.

Make sure your website is doing the job you need it to.

How we can help

Stop losing business to your competitors.

Understand the best way to talk to your customers so they pay attention.

Ensure your website and marketing sell as effectively as you.

We can help you join the dots.

Determine the type of customers your business really needs

Casting your net far and wide rarely works effectively. Drill down into who, why, where and how to make sure the right customers discover you.

Communicate with those customers in a way that is clear and convincing

Your website needs to tell customers who you are and why you matter to ensure you, and not your competitors keep their attention. Give them a reason to choose you.

Increase your sales and create a pipeline full of the customers you really want

Customer focused messaging, targeted marketing and a website designed to positively influence your customers will create a consistent revenue stream for your business.

We recently helped Peter Corry Productions improve their online presence and digital marketing, dramatically increasing online sales.

How we can help your business

Get started and make every penny count.

You're always going to end up investing time and money in marketing. Make sure you invest it well.

Book a free consultation by calling Patrick.

Work through your ideas with our team.

Determine where changes will strengthen your business.

Solutions for all business sizes

“We spoke to the team at Fourteen Forty about how best to improve the impression we were leaving with our clients. They suggested a new approach to our digital strategy and that was centred around a striking new website. We knew our old website didn’t match our aspirations and now we are confident leaving a meeting knowing potential clients will visit a website that matches the vision we have.”

damien mckay light360
Damien McKay

Design Director, Light360

“The Fourteen Forty team is brilliant. My new brand and website are perfectly tailored for my business and have not only saved me hours of administration, but it looks amazing and has more than doubled my sales and helped my business grow. They adopt a holistic approach to your business, focusing on what you want and how best to deliver it whilst building and enhancing your company. I recommend you put your trust in them, you will not be disappointed!”

pamela houston cranfield alpacas
Pamela Houston

Owner, Cranfield Alpacas

“In 25 years of working with numerous agencies, this has, without a shadow of a doubt, been the best experience I’ve ever had. I knew that they had the project under control from start to finish and I genuinely believed they had our success at the top of their agenda. I knew I would get valid insight at every conversation and I trusted them and the work they were doing. The final outcomes have been phenomenal. We have a website that works for our business, led by a brand that communicates our value to the people we need it to.”

debbie rymer zym
Debbie Rymer

Chief Marketing Officer, Zymplify

“I'm delighted with how the website has turned out and we are already getting enquiries through. ”

tina mcveigh bspa
Tina McVeigh

Managing Director, Belfast School of Performing Arts

“I think over the last 12 months working with Fourteen Forty, well I don't think, I know it's been one of the best decisions we've made as a company and individuals.”

peter corry productions
Peter Corry

Director, Peter Corry Productions

“If you know you have a great product or service, you know it can help many people or businesses, you know what you want to say to them but just don’t know how. This is where Fourteen Forty stepped in and really helped take Zymplify to the next level. They helped us clarify our offering and how to communicate it effectively, in a way that would resonate with, engage and convert our prospect clients.”

jemma irwin zymplify
Jemma Irwin

Head of Client Success, Zymplify

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Stop customers hitting the back button.

It’s 2021. Most SME's have a website already, but not every SME utilises that site to generate sales and help their customers. A high proportion of business owners simply have a brochure site that was put together because, well, you have to have a website don’t you?

If you’re a business owner looking to generate interest and increase profitibilty in your business, the answer is sometimes the most obvious one - identify where your brand, website or marketing efforts underperform and fix it.

New customers looking for your services have a choice, in fact, they probably have about 7,890,000 choices delivered to them in 0.72 seconds thanks to Google.

Getting the absolute most our of these fundamental business tools can be the difference between someone picking up the phone or clicking back and going to a rival business. Don’t let it keep costing you. Find more customers, talk to them effectively and increase their trust in your services and you will start to see your enquiries rise.

Start today with
Google My Business.
Download your free setup checklist.

Google My Business offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to improve their appearance in Google search results. The best thing about creating a Google My Business listing is that it’s free!

It benefits your business by:

  • Giving you an SEO advantage over your local competition
  • Looking more professional for everyone searching your business online
  • Adding photos and videos that sell your business
  • Collecting and displaying customer reviews for future customers

You can do this in 30 minutes with our quick and easy setup guide.

Download your free checklist
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