Are you doing the business?

Joan Grenville

Published: 17th August 2018

Are you doing the business? Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

Simon Turner is quoted in the book “Beating the Odds – an Autobiographical Rags to Races story”, as saying “Aye, you were doing the business out there mate.”

The book’s author, Caesar Gonzales, former AMA Professional motorcycle racer, had just crashed out of the Big Kahuna Nationals, having pushed it a bit too hard. Feeling like a disappointment on the world stage, but being congratulated by fans for the brave attempt, he was greeted by Simon’s words of encouragement as he walked away from a crumpled bike and back to the paddock.

“Doing the business” says exactly what it means. Brave risk-taking; commitment and dedication; belief in your cause; results-focused.

A Lifelong Dream Realised

Simon was also racing motorbikes in his twenties and thirties, across the UK and America. Now in his forties, Simon has kept his passion for bikes and turned it into a business.

Unbound Bikes business Brand at Root and Branch

He has poured years of experience into establishing a business that specialises in creating one-off, custom-made motorbikes, which are both practical and stylish. As Simon said, speaking to Graeme Cousins in the Newsletter “People are looking for a different type of bike – something that fits better with their lifestyle and who they are. Customising all types of Honda Step-throughs, we handcraft bikes that our customers can be proud of. Each one is bespoke and designed to exact specifications, reflecting the owner’s personal taste.”

After placing a small range of bikes into production Simon saw the potential to grow a business but was unsure how to sell the bikes or who to sell them to – how to bring the brand to life. “These bikes are works of art on two wheels!”

Pardon the puns, but Simon’s “journey” from an enthusiast, to pro racer, to handcraft manufacturing, made a pitstop with Fourteen Forty.

Inspired by Simon’s brief for a truly personal, one of a kind brand and him frequently saying, “they make getting about town much more fun.” Fourteen Forty created the name “Unbound Bikes”. Layers of brand development, design, website creation and of course a glamorous photoshoot and launch event, there was already a waiting list when Unbound Bikes was officially launched.

Setting Sail

Scenic Carlingford Ferry Brand business

There too was already an audience of 10,000 followers on Facebook before the Scenic Carlingford Ferry first sailed from Greencastle to Greenore. Its journey had also dropped anchor with Fourteen Forty. (Ok, no more puns, promise).

30 years of research and investigations, economic impact appraisals, feasibilities studies, business case analysis and a scoping study – collectively upheld the need and viable integrity for a vehicular ferry across Carlingford Lough.

Fourteen Forty created the brand; the marketing strategy; the website; online marketing campaigns; design of adverts and literature including publications to attract investors and visitor guides to attract passengers.

The goal was to establish the new ferry service on Carlingford Lough as a must-do tourist destination and a day-trip suggestion. It was vital the public was “on board” before they could even get, on board.

So is your marketing “doing the business”? Have you got ambitious goals, grounded in a realistic marketing strategy?

You have commitment and dedication, we will focus on delivering results.

Whether you are trying to turn your passion into a viable business or trying to create a return on your million-pound investment. Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Join us if, like Simon, you want to keep doing the business.

No Time? No Problem!

At Fourteen Forty we know that, as a business owner, you don’t have the time to worry about these things. That’s why many of our clients trust us to look after their websites and marketing collateral. Also, with our bi-annually reviews conducted alongside our clients, their voices are always heard and actions are taken to improve their projects.

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