Affordable Web Design Solutions for SMEs

Chris McAlonan

Published: 12th March 2018

Affordable Web Design Solutions for SMEs Blog Article Branding and Digital Agency Belfast

How often do you go into your local supermarket and ask the shop assistant to sell you the products at the price you want to pay, rather than the price on the label?

Rarely, if ever is probably the answer. But every month, hundreds of people in the UK visit trusted salesman Google to ask him to find them web designers who will provide them with affordable web design services, or a cheap web design provider.

What does an affordable or cheap website actually look like? Haven’t you heard that ‘you get what you pay for?’ Don’t give a web designer permission to provide you with a sub-standard website that offers little value to you or your customers.

fourteen forty affordable web design belfast

In reality, you’re probably a typical bargain hunter. You want a high quality product at as low a price as possible and who could blame you, however be careful – a ‘cheap’ or ‘affordable’ website may not cost much in the short-term but it can be very expensive in the long-term as it will rarely deliver what you really want it to.

What do you want from your web design?

There are a number of things you likely want your affordable web design to deliver:

A nice design – you website has to look good so customers will want to spend time on it – and not just on a laptop or PC, it must also display effectively on your tablet or mobile phone for viewers on these devices (i.e. a responsive design).

Good navigation – it has to be easy for potential customers to find what they are looking for or they will get frustrated and go elsewhere. You need an intuitive and user-friendly interface that takes potential customers on a journey to the right destination.

Good content – they need to arrive in a place which contains content that will educate, entertain and engage potential customers, content that will help them to understand what they need and content that supports them to make better, and more informed decisions. This may be achieved through the provision of blog articles, e-books, video content or through subscribing to your email marketing campaigns for great advice and training.

Confidence in your brand – your web design has to convince customers that they will really get what they pay for if they purchase a website from you. How can you do this? Your site needs confidence-building and reputation defining content such as case studies, awards information, positive testimonials, product reviews and such like.

A positive experience – both the online experience of using the website and the offline experience of working with the web designer and web team should be positive, even enjoyable experiences if you choose the right web design team. Everyone wants to work with a team they feel comfortable with, who deliver on time, within budget and provide a good after-sales service to help you to maintain, develop and market your website. We’re talking about a long-term partnership here, not a cheap build it and a wave goodbye type of relationship.

But this isn’t all.

What do you REALLY want from your affordable web design?

fourteen forty affordable web design belfast

As a business and website owner/manager you expect to gain more when you purchase a web design package – you want these features and experiences to be present so that you can achieve certain results or outputs:

1. Greater brand awareness and online interaction from the right types of customers – the type of customers that you want to work with.

2. Genuine leads from customers who want to purchase your products and services and conversion to customers.

3. Low acquisition costs – more time and money are two of the most sought after resources known to man. This is why we need to generate sales that don’t take up huge amounts of our time to secure – without these, profitability and sustainability are mere pipe dreams.

4. Repeat customers – we all want happy customers who will keep buying from us, and recommending us to others AKA brand advocates. It’s well-known that it’s cheaper to upsell and repeat sell to existing customers than it is to gain new customers. Get in touch to learn more.

fourteen forty affordable web design belfast

Consider the time, effort and expertise involved in delivering each of these stages and acquiring such valuable and business defining outputs. Has your initial perception of what is an affordable web design changed somewhat? It should have. Achieving the results you need – your ‘Return on Investment’ is no mean feat. An affordable website design is not really what you want – it’s an exceptional, customer focused, goal-oriented, growth driven website design you want, and the price is dictated by the quality of the end product (in our case anyway – we can’t speak for others).

No Time? No Problem!

At Fourteen Forty we know that, as a business owner, you don’t have the time to worry about these things. That’s why many of our clients trust us to look after their websites and marketing collateral. Also, with our bi-annually reviews conducted alongside our clients, their voices are always heard and actions are taken to improve their projects.

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