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You have the vision and business strategy. You have a great product or service. Now you need a marketing team who can drive your business forward.

Fourteen Forty deliver results.

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Good food leads to referrals for a restaurant

How do I get more referrals?

We should all want more clients to come in from a referral, why?  Well it’s a sign that you are delivering a great service for your clients.  Arguably it’s the ultimate compliment that they can pay you. So here more

Simon Turner - Unbound Bikes Branding

Are you doing the business?

Your business, your energy, your vision. Your money. You are focused on your goals. Is your marketing strategy focused on results? For you its personal. It’s your baby. Your passion. Marketing is personal and also influences your clients to care as much as you do. more

Why Isn’t Everyone Talking About You?

Your business, services and products are brilliant. So why isn’t the phone ringing off the hook, why isn’t there a queue out your door, why hasn’t your inbox crashed from the volume of enquiries? more